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Le 01/02/2023 de 03:12 à 03:12

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Luxation patellaire aiguë lors d'un bilan musculaire en isocinétique : case report et revue de littérature sur la sécurité des appareils d'isocinétisme

Mihailo Obrenovic (Sion, Suisse)

Objective : Isokinetic devices are widely used in physical rehabilitation and sports medicine, especially in knee testing after trauma or surgery. We report the case of an acute patellar dislocation during eccentric testing of a patient’s uninvolved knee on an isokinetic device. Our objective is to better determine the safety of such devices from reviewing reported isokinetic muscle testing (and training) adverse effects in the literature.

Material / Patients and Methods : The PubMed, CINHAL and Cochrane databases were searched. The literature review was conducted using the keywords: isokinetic + injury, safety, dynamometer, muscle testing, device, and training. Major devices’ brand names were also used. Relevant references cited in the selected articles were also considered, regardless of the year of publication. Experienced physical therapists specialized in isokinetic testing were consulted for relevant literature references.

Results : The research strategy yielded only 2 case reports of acute injuries caused by isokinetic muscle testing or training. Most reviews and articles on isokinetic testing focus on muscle physiology and on its reliability and validity in rehabilitative or training protocols, but we found only one that was concerned about its safety: it reported 6 injuries out of roughly 3500 sessions in a given medical center, only one of which was severe, and further 18 adverse effects from an inquiry made in 17 other centers using isokinetic devices.

Discussion - Conclusion : We report only the second case of patellar dislocation caused by isokinetic testing. While the available data suggests that isokinetic devices are safe for muscle testing and training, their use may rarely cause severe injuries.

Keywords : isokinetic injury, safety, dynamometer, muscle testing, device, training, cybex, biodex