SNLF - Traumatismes crânien

Le 01/12/2022 de 15:00 à 16:30

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Impact de la cranioplastie sur les limitations d’activités: traumatisme crânien versus étiologies vasculaires 

Lola Guillouzouic (Nantes, France), Amandine Chenet (Nantes, France)

Objective : Scientific literature, as well as our clinical expérience, assumes that cranioplasty seecondary to decompressive craniectomy modifies the intracerebral pressure influencing neurological function and prognosis. Our hypothesis is that the positive effect of cranioplasty is mostly present in traumatic causis (TBI).

Material / Patients and Methods : We conducted a prospective study of 9 patients and a retrospective study of 22 patients, divided in TBI and stroke. The statistical analysis was a linear regression 

Results : FIM was increased in the post operative period for all patients was 2.2 (p=0,75) points, but significantly higher in the TBI patients, 22.9 (p=0.02) point difference with stroke group. However the addition of retrospective datas does not show a significant difference between etiologies. The secondary criteria ( fugl meyer, berg, walking test) do not significantly support the result of the primate criterion

Discussion - Conclusion : These preliminary resullts need to be confirmed with a larger recruitment

Keywords : Cranioplasty, TBI