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Le 01/12/2022 de 09:00 à 10:30

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Enquête sur la formation des internes de médecine physique et de réadaptation : les jeunes sont-ils bien formés ?

SANA SALAH (Monastir, Tunisie), Sonia Jemni (Sousse, Tunisie), Anis Jellad (Monastir, Tunisie), Zohra Ben Salah (Monastir, Tunisie)

Objective : The purpose of this work was to conduct a survey among PMR residents on the state of their training and to evaluate their satisfaction with their residency program (theoretical and practical) and to highlight their wishes in order to offer a potentially useful feedback

Material / Patients and Methods : An anonymous questionnaire was mailed to PMR residents and specialists graduating for less than two years between June and December 2018. Questions were formulated after defining the main areas to study: training, self-assessment of theoretical and practical knowledge, satisfaction with training and wishes. We sent the questionnaire to 43 potential respondents and were able to retrieve 35 completed ones (response rate 81%).

Results : The majority of respondents felt that they were poorly or moderately familiar with many areas of the specialty. They also stated that they did not master many gestures and techniques in PMR. Training was considered satisfactory in only 26% of cases. Among the proposals made to improve training, the use of new educational technologies with online courses of reference and the provision of residents' educational booklet that provides them with the necessary information and organizes their training.

Discussion - Conclusion : Thanks to the results of this survey, a first inventory of the theoretical and practical training of the residents according to their own point of view was drawn up. Rapid and urgent action by the College and the Society of PMR is needed to plan skills-based learning with systematic assessments that would result in the training of socially competent specialists.

Keywords : Pedagogy; residency; satisfaction; survey; physical medicine and rehabilitation