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Effets immédiats d'un étirement statique unilatéral sur la force et l'endurance du poignet de membre étiré et membre non étiré chez les joueurs de Ping-Pong

Ameni Ameur (Monastir, Tunisie), Amine Kalai (Monastir, Tunisie), Ahlem Salah (Monastir, Tunisie), Sana Salah (Monastir, Tunisie), Anis Jellad (Monastir, Tunisie), Houda Migaou (Monastir, Tunisie), Soumaya Boudokhane (Monastir, Tunisie), Zohra Ben Salah (Monastir, Tunisie)

Objective : To investigate the effects of acute unilateral static stretching (SS) of the wrist and finger flexors on handgrip strength and endurance of both the stretched and non-stretched limb.


Material / Patients and Methods : A prospective interventional study including 30 Ping-Pong players. SS of the dominant hand for 30 seconds was performed. Grip strength and endurance of both hands were evaluated before and immediately after SS using a hydraulic hand-held dynamometer.

Results : Mean grip strength and endurance of the dominant and non-dominant hands were respectively 12.51Kg ±6.08Kg, 62.12s ±30.99s, 10.74Kg ± 5.7Kg, and 46.22s ± 16.32s. The dominant hand was significantly stronger (p=0.002). The endurance of the non-dominant hand was significantly higher in boys (p=0.043). Grip strength and the endurance of both hands were significantly correlated to age, practice duration, and BMI. After stretching, there was an overall decrease in the measured parameters for both the stretched and the non-stretched hand, the difference between the 2 sides was not significant.

Discussion - Conclusion : Our findings suggest that wrist and finger flexor stretching before training may decrease grip strength and endurance which is consistent with previous results in non-athletes. Thus sportsmen requiring a strong grip should avoid this type of stretching. Shorter SS (less than 20 seconds) may not lead to a reduction in the maximum strength. In addition, it has been reported that the minute oscillation stretching modality improves flexibility without decreasing maximal muscle strength, unlike SS so future research might lead to the development of more effective minute oscillation stretching applications in sporting and clinical fields.

Keywords : Static stretching, wrist and finger flexors, Grip strength and endurance.