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Les barrieres et les facilitateurs à la pratique d'exercice dans la myasthénie auto-immune : une étude transversale

Simone Birnbaum (Paris, France), Annie Archer (Evry, France), Julie Lejeune (Evry, France), Caroline Stalens (Evry, France), Jean-Yves Hogreal (Paris, France)

Objective : Exercise in stabilised MG has been shown to be safe and may be effective in improving strength and function. However, recent quantitative data demonstrates that not all individuals with MG undergo regular exercise. The reasons for this are unclear due to lack of data and conflicting results in existing data with respect to disease severity as a possible barrier as well as age and BMI. Current research has not explored whether other non-disease related factors could contribute to limiting exercise participation. We aimed to identify intrinsic and extrinsic factors which may limit or on the contrary facilitate exercise participation for adults living with MG in France and explore relationships with other health-related factors.

Material / Patients and Methods : A purpose-built questionnaire was created and diffused online between Nov 21-May 22.

Results : Interim analyses included 405 participants, mean age (56±15, min 19, max 90), 73% female, 187(46%) reported doing exercise, 54% do not exercise. Those that exercise have a lower BMI p =0.012, less fatigue p<.001, a better QoL p<.001 and report less impact of MG on ADLs p=0.002. Weather conditions was the main barrier for those that exercise whilst having support (family/health professional) was the main facilitator. Barriers for those that do not exercise were lack of knowledge, lack of specialised coaching, lack of company, lack of time, fear of the consequence on their MG and current health/symptoms and factors that could facilitate exercise were having greater knowledge, specialised coaching and practical aspects such as access to resources and equipment.

Keywords : Autoimmune myasthenia gravis, exercise, barriers, facilitators

Disclosure of interest : None